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Head coach

Nick Countryman

I am Nick Countryman and I started Joint Flow with the intent of teaching the ‘WHY’ behind strength and mobility training. My promise is to provide you with the tools to make a change in the gym, while also leading a lifestyle centered around longevity and capability.

Whether you are an athlete looking to boost your performance or someone who wants to maintain an active lifestyle with total confidence, the training techniques of Joint Flow will help you optimize your body to support the active lifestyle of your choosing.  

Beginning with a full-body movement screen and strength assessment, we will pinpoint your weaknesses and limits in mobility. Taking your favorite activities into consideration, we will work together to build a personalized training protocol, based in science, that will build you a body you can trust with confidence.

I hold a degree in Human Physiology and am also a certified practitioner in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC). FRC is a specialty focused on joint expansion and strengthening, while simultaneously training the nervous system to adapt to these new ranges and ultimate potentials.

I believe when you can use your body with confidence, you can push yourself without fear of injury or pain. This is my ultimate goal for you!

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